Whipped Body Butters

Soothe your muscles and your mind with this concentrated herbal infusion of cucumber, lavender, and chamomile in organic cocoa butter and avocado oil.
Start your morning self-care ritual with invigorating grapefruit scents laced throughout this silky, skin-soothing, body butter.
A perfectly balanced mix of savory basil and crisp lemon scents imbue this whipped body butter with the power to teleport you to a summertime sanctuary in your mind.
Help your body recover quickly from overuse and light damage. Infused with Arnica flower and Yarrow leaf, to help your body heal from and disperse bruising as well as soothe sore muscles.
Soothe and moisturize your sensitive skin with this unscented whipped body butter made from organic cocoa butter and avocado oil.